Digital interventions in landscape – an art project in Boora, Co Offaly,

Developed over a two year period with the Bord Na Mona workers in Boora Works, Leabeg, Co Offaly, this art project by Nicole McKenna has many strands, including:

  • a site specific installation – Boora-Live (sound & video)
  • interventions into the landscape itself, in the form of projections and “postering” of peat wagons
  • a book
  • interactive video (documentation “remixed”)
  • this website (and its on-going development)

Boora is home to Bord Na Mona workshops, where fitters and fabricators repair and maintain the machinery that works the industrial peatlands of County Offaly.

The Boora Project is about MAN // LAND // MACHINE – and this place, Boora, where they intercept / converge.

The Boora Project is part of unframed territory series by Nicole McKenna