Boora-live at the tea hut is a site-specific sound and video installation.
LAND, MAN, MACHINE – the remix plays from inside out, on to newly added windows. It is designed to be viewed on location, from near or far, as night-time falls. In twilight, the surroundings are integral to the work, in the darkness a mirrored daytime world is projected tv-style though time and space.

The tea hut has traditionally been the base station for workers on the bog. They are still used on the working bogs today, although less primitive than heretofore, as they have electricity and are semi-permanent. This tea hut, or shift wagon as it was called in the past, is one of the original huts. It was built on boogies or wheels and it had two functions: drawn by a locomotive, it transported workers from Boora along the railways out to an area to do field work in the bog; on-site, it became base camp for the duration of the day, until it carried workers home again in the evening. It had a potbelly stove where tea was made and if you were lucky enough to have an ex-army man on your shift, a hot meal was more than likely.

This tea hut, now ready for scrap has been saved from death row. While the exterior still bears its weathered coat of life, the interior has been reconfigured to house a 5 projector sound and video installation.

While documentation of this project exists, it is essentially a live performance.