Boora Boys

Boora Boys – Embedding people in landscape

As the story of Boora, is the story of the people of Boora (the workers)  embedding them in the physical world of Boora is a major part of this project. This occurs in two forms:

1. Wagons loaded:

Photos of partial faces of Boora workers (Boora boys) are postered on to working loco wagons. The postered wagons will go to work over the summer months, and the Boora Boys will take on a life beyond Boora Works. They will cross geographic and social boundaries, carrying the land, literally in peat-loads, over-land. Their journeys to be determined by chance and destiny or, weather and production, allowing the Boora Boys to randomly map their territory, and claim their turf.

2. Place Projections: Night-time light-projections of Boora Boys on to the land – the physical earth. The presence of temporary ghost-like figures hovering over the land emphasises the duality of their existence and their relationship to one another.


Boora Wagons

Postered wagons at Boora